Hemp Bedding

Hemp Bedding
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One of the best things you can do for your pets is to line their coop, stall, or enclosure with high-quality animal bedding. Hemp animal bedding is becoming more and more popular for farms and pet owners due to its incredible odor-eliminating properties, absorbency, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to the usual pet bedding materials that require frequent cleaning and can contribute to respiratory issues, hemp bedding offers a low-maintenance, comfortable alternative for most animals.

American Natural Materials, is the US source for Aubiose Hemp Bedding, which is a 30 year old product known for its consistency and high performance. Sensitive horse and pet owners are raving about this product and how it is changing everything for how they care for their animals.

What is Hemp Bedding?

Hemp bedding comes from the industrial hemp plant, which is processed to create an absorbent, environmentally friendly, and comfortable animal bedding solution. More specifically, hemp bedding is made from the “hurd,” or inner core of the hemp stem, which is the most absorbent part of the plant.

Hemp bedding cultivation can be beneficial for the earth when done properly. The hemp plant is a renewable resource and doesn’t require the use of pesticides, making it a great choice for eco-conscious animal owners. The Aubiose hemp brand is the most readily available high-quality option, manufactured by the oldest hemp bedding cooperative in the world. This product is completely free of chemicals and is suitable for a wide range of animals, ranging from household pets to farm animals.

Why Choose Hemp Bedding?

There are many reasons to choose Aubiose hemp bedding for your animals, including:

Excellent Absorbency

One of the determining factors of high-quality hemp bedding is the absorbency of the material. Aubiose hemp bedding has an unprecedented ability to absorb moisture – resulting in easy maintenance, improved odor control, and a more comfortable and healthy living environment for your animals.

Low Dust

Aubiose hemp bedding is the lowest dust shavings material on the market. Its low dust properties support the comfort and health of both animals and humans. This also makes it a great option for animals that have pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Naturally Pest-Repellant

Hemp has natural pest-repellant properties, allowing it to repel mites, flies, fleas, and more. By using Aubiose hemp bedding, you get a longer-lasting solution that repels pests and prevents unwanted infestations that could negatively impact your animals’ health.

Hemp Bedding Applications

Industrial hemp bedding proves beneficial in a wide variety of applications, including:

Hemp Pet Bedding

Aubiose hemp bedding also creates a fresh, comfortable habitat for small pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and reptiles. Rat owners are particularly fond of hemp bedding; however, caution is advised when using the product for turtle enclosures.

Hemp Horse Bedding

Since 1985, Aubiose has been offering highly absorbent, low-maintenance, and dust-free hemp horse bedding that has revolutionized horse care. The product provides a warm, comfortable, dry environment for horses while effectively controlling noxious ammonia odors. It is also especially beneficial for horses with allergies and respiratory sensitivities. Produced by experienced hemp farmers, Aubiose hemp bedding is known as the gold standard for quality, outperforming leading competitors.

Hemp Bedding for Rats & Nesting Animals

You can create a special hemp habitat for nesting animals and small pets! Our Chanvra Carpet is made from 100% hemp fibers, which compliment our Aubiose Hemp Bedding, and are different. You can cover the hemp mats with hemp bedding, and they can bite at the mat and make nests with it. Since it is a natural fiber with no chemical additives whatsoever, it is safe for rodents if swallowed!

Hemp Bedding for Chickens

AubiChick is particularly exceptional for chicken care. This extra soft hemp bedding is designed for the comfort of chickens because it is gentle on their feet. AubiChick is our most absorbent product. With just 2 or 3 bales of AubiChick or Aubiose you can keep your coops fresh and clean for a year or more by following a deep litter protocol. Aubiose is our lowest dust product and it is also great in chicken coops.

Our Hemp Bedding Products

Our hemp is the product of a farmer owned cooperative who have been processing hemp for 50 years.

Aubiose Products

The Aubiose hemp bedding brand is truly the original hemp bedding; our lowest dust product, and still the most readily available. For 30 years this same high quality product has not changed its formula:

  • Lowest dust shavings material available
  • Lasts 7 to 10 times longer than other products
  • Economical
  • Provides ultimate comfort for animals


The AubiChick product is a newer offering from Aubiose. It is extra soft, fine, and has an unprecedented ability to absorb odors and moisture in chicken coops, pet cages, and horse stalls.

Today Aubiose is imported from France, where they grow the best hemp in the world, and have the largest supply. Our hemp is the product of a farmer owned cooperative who have been processing hemp for 50 years. They are the world experts, and our goal is to recreate their success in America! Our hemp bedding initiative creates demand for high quality hemp bedding, which can eventually be grown in America by American farmers. We are creating these partnerships now. If done properly, farming hemp can help rejuvenate and regenerate America’s farmlands, ecology, and economy; but it’s up to us!

More About Our Hemp Mats!

The ChanvraPet Hemp Mat is made from a different part of the hemp plant than our hemp bedding. These are the hemp fibers, which are the “bark” or outer layer of the hemp plant. These two different materials- hemp hurd (Aubiose) and hemp fibers are the two main harvests from the hemp stalk. Hemp fiber mats are a great natural nesting material for burrowing animals, and there aren’t very many other natural choices on the market!

The mats on their own will not absorb moisture as well without the extra punch from some Aubiose hemp bedding, and we recommend using them both. But for litter trained animals the mats are a great sleeping pad!

We are here for your Hemp Bedding needs!

Contact us to learn more about Aubiose hemp bedding and other industrial hemp bedding products we offer. We can answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary product, providing helpful suggestions to create the best environment for your household pets or farm animals.