Hemp bedding for chickens! It’s becoming all the rage for backyard poultry keepers. What is it about hemp that makes it so magical for bedding?

Hemp chicken bedding is made from the inner core of the hemp stem, which is an unusually absorbent material that excessively outperforms other more common bedding options like straw, wood shavings, and sawdust. This material works for you, and is a cost-effective and low maintenance solution when grown and used properly.

Types of Hemp Bedding for Chickens

AubiChick Hemp Bedding 20kg

The most absorbent and best performing hemp bedding for chickens is called AubiChick. This extra fine hemp bedding is particularly comfortable for their feet, and probably the most absorbent bedding you can buy. But some customers prefer the ultra low dust Aubiose for their chickens. Both of these brands are made by expert hemp farmers and outperform even competing hemp products. These two hemp products are the most reliable options you can buy, always meeting a high standard of quality.

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Benefits of Hemp Bedding for Chickens

Hemp chicken bedding is growing in popularity for a number of reasons:

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Hemp Bedding

  • Since hemp bedding is so absorbent, it keeps chicken coops drier and controls odors better than other materials.Its low dust properties help to reduce the risk of infections and respiratory problems in chickens
  • It can also repel fleas, mites, and other pests that could negatively impact chicken health.
  • Since it lasts so long, it saves you money in the long run (learn more about the deep litter method below!)
  • Hemp is soft and comfortable on their feet (especially the AubiChick brand)
  • The compost made from chicken manure and hemp hurd is excellent; the hemp hurd is an ideal source of carbon which helps balance your compost pile.

How to use Hemp Bedding for Chickens Properly – The Deep Litter Method

Deep littering this bedding leads to a very economical and quality performance. In most cases, you should only need 2-3 bales per year for an average size coop.

The deep litter method is the ultimate setup for coops. A deep litter system is a low maintenance method where you essentially “compost in place”, and only clean out your coop once a year. Rather than a thorough clean-out, you simply add small amounts of hemp bedding as you go, and let the microbial life do the work of decomposition. This allows beneficial microbes to form and keeps your coop surprisingly nice and clean smelling! It is actually cleaner even though it is less work.

AubiChick: The Hemp Bedding for Chickens Gold Standard

AubiChick is the extra soft & fine version of the famous Aubiose brand. The benefits of using this particular hemp bedding for chickens is that it is the perfect size for their feet, and it is extra comfortable for them. Aubichick is even more absorbent than our standard Aubiose hemp and it is without a doubt the most absorbent hemp bedding you can buy, and that’s saying something!

  • AubiChick Hemp Bedding for Chickens

    Jumbo 20kg AubiChick Hemp Bedding for Chickens (44lb), French Grade Ultra Soft Hemp Shavings for Poultry & Hairless Pets – Shipping Included

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Option 2: Using Aubiose Hemp Bedding for Chickens

Quick Summary: Aubiose is a better choice than AubiChick for dust sensitivities

There is no reason you cannot use our Aubiose hemp bedding for chickens (even though it has a horse on it). In fact, our dust sensitive customers prefer it. Each of our hemp bedding brands has its advantages. You can even mix and match them. Use AubiChick when you need an extra absorbent punch- and to maximize comfort for your birds- but use Aubiose for any animal or owner who is particularly sensitive to dust. The number one compliment we get for using the Aubiose brand is that it is the lowest dust option out there, even compared to other hemp, including AubiChick.

  • Aubiose Hemp Bedding

    Jumbo 20kg Aubiose Hemp Bedding (44lb) – French Grade Hemp Shavings for Horses, Chickens, & Pets – Shipping Included

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Using Indigenous Microorganisms with Your Hemp Bedding

Hemp Bedding For Chickens And IMO

According to master natural farmer Drake Weinert, “Indigenous Micro Organisms are the original life that has been working for countless generations to purify our Earth’s surface.” By collecting locally indigenous microorganisms and propagating them in our chicken coops, we increase the health of the soil life around us and pass that benefit on to our chickens. With a deep litter hemp bedding system, we create the perfect home for beneficial microorganisms. All we have to do now is collect microorganisms from a healthy ecosystem in our area. Almost any forested environment will do, but it’s best to find a site with noticeable mycelial activity, such as a white “fuzz” slightly beneath the surface of the soil. It is also recommended to collect from a slightly higher elevation, so the microbes are a bit tougher and can transition better. The most common and accepted approach involves filling a wooden or bamboo box two-thirds full with “hard cooked rice”. Cover with a breathable top (such as a hemp mat!), and let sit in the forest for 3-5 days. In temperate climates, increase to 5-7 days. The rice should now be inoculated with a white mycelium. Cover with equal parts brown sugar or maple syrup to preserve the microorganisms. You have now created a shelf stable microbial culture.

Learn more at naturalfarminghawaii.net

Why we Choose to Sell the Best Hemp Bedding for Chickens

Our products are currently imported from France, where they grow the best hemp you can buy, and have the largest supply. Our goal is to create a market demand for this kind of a high quality product so that it can be produced locally. Our hemp bedding initiative creates demand for high quality hemp bedding for chickens, which can eventually be grown locally as we create partnerships with local farmers. Our French farmers have been growing hemp for more than 50 years, and our goal is to recreate their success in America. If done properly, hemp farming can help rejuvenate and regenerate America’s farmlands, ecology, and economy.

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The use of hemp bedding is cleaner, healthier, safer, and more comfortable for chickens, in addition to being more eco-friendly and sustainable. For more information about our hemp chicken bedding products, contact us today.

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