Aubiose is a unique hemp animal bedding made from expertly grown, natural hemp stalks. It is known to provide a comfortable and safe environment for animals, while minimizing odor and dust in barns. Cultivating hemp can have a beneficial impact on the environment, and hemp animal bedding users are voting for their dollar for a more sustainable future!

Top Benefits of Hemp Animal Bedding

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What Is Hemp Animal Bedding?

Hemp bedding is made from the inner core of the hemp stem, which is the most absorbent part of the plant. The finished product is a texture that is similar to conventional wood shavings, but finer. Hemp bedding is friendly to most types of animals, including mice, rabbits, horses, and chickens. Compared to other animal bedding options that can be toxic to animals, hemp bedding is natural and dust-free to eliminate the risk of respiratory issues. 

Benefits of Hemp Animal Bedding

At American Natural Materials, we offer the Aubiose brand hemp animal bedding, because we needed a a consistent supply of high quality materials for our customers. The Aubiose co-op has been growing hemp for 50 years and is helping us set up our own hemp farm in the USA.

More About Aubiose:

Super Absorbent Natural Product

Aubiose hemp bedding is highly absorbent and can hold up to four times its weight in moisture. Rather than allowing moisture to “pool,” it sucks the moisture to the base of the bed. The top layer of bedding stays dry, keeping the area smelling fresh, stifling the growth of harmful bacteria, and providing your animals a comfortable place to lay down.

Helps Pets Breathe Easily

Many other bedding materials release dust and particles that can decrease air quality within animal enclosures, especially if there’s limited ventilation. Aubiose hemp animal bedding is low-dust, and it often provides respiratory relief to both humans and animals. Because hemp bedding produces significantly less dust than alternative options, it is especially beneficial for animals with pre-existing respiratory conditions.


Aubiose hemp bedding requires very little upkeep and less frequent replacement compared to conventional bedding materials. This makes it a more affordable option in the long run. Its low maintenance also translates to less time cleaning and mucking out animal enclosures.

Natural Pest Repellent

Hemp plants don’t require pesticides because they feature natural pest-repellant properties. When used to produce hemp bedding, the pest-repellant characteristics remain. This ensures that any insects, such as fleas, flies, and mites, are not attracted to your animal’s living area. Using Aubiose hemp bedding is a great way to ensure the health of your animals.

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Why to Choose Aubiose Hemp Animal Bedding 

Hemp animal bedding is a comfortable, safe, and cost-effective alternative to other bedding products. And Aubiose is the best hemp animal bedding that you can buy! This is the lowest dust shavings you can buy, and almost the most absorbent. The best natural animal bedding for absorbency is AubiChick. 

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  • AubiChick Hemp Bedding for Chickens

    Jumbo 20kg AubiChick Hemp Bedding for Chickens (44lb), French Grade Ultra Soft Hemp Shavings for Poultry & Hairless Pets – Shipping Included

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Buy Aubiose for Chickens

Aubiose Hemp Bedding
  • Aubiose Hemp Bedding

    Jumbo 20kg Aubiose Hemp Bedding (44lb) – French Grade Hemp Shavings for Horses, Chickens, & Pets – Shipping Included

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