Aubiose hemp bedding is revolutionizing horse care. With this amazing material you can maximize the health of your horses’ indoor habitat while saving yourself time, labor, and sometimes money. The “un-fun” and unhealthy sides of raising horses disappear when you use good hemp bedding like Aubiose. The advantage of this product is it’s 50 year history and it’s high quality consistency. The performance of this product is almost unbelievable, but it is being seen and highly appreciated in barns across North America. In this article, we will explore how the Aubiose product can make life easier and healthier in your horse barn, and go through the in’s and out’s of using this bedding and how to get started.

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Advantages of Using This Hemp Horse Bedding

Hemp Horse Bedding
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Hemp Bedding

Excellent Odor Control

Because it is so effective at absorbing liquids, Aubiose hemp bedding provides unbelievable odor control compared to wood shavings, straw, or really anything else. Some users have noticed that switching to Aubiose is the only way to completely eliminate the smell of ammonia in their barns.

Low Dust & Safe for the Lungs

Between its low dust level, incredible absorbency, and hypoallergenic properties,Aubiose hemp bedding is a great choice for sensitive horses and owners. It contributes to a reduction in allergy symptoms because it is less likely to harbor mold and mildew, which are also common allergy triggers.

Longer Lasting & Economical

Many Aubiose users save money on their bedding bill. You should be able to use 7 – 10 times less bedding than you would with other shavings materials. Aubiose Hemp bedding absorbs more and localizes liquids better than any other bedding materials.

Easy to Compost or Remove!

Hemp bedding is easy to compost or dispose of, and your muck pile will be much smaller because you use so much less bedding! Hemp requires no added composting accelerators or boosters, and will decompose easily, far faster than wood and straw. It is less acidic than pine shavings and doesn’t produce the excessive mold and mildew that composting straw often does.


Horses love sleeping on hemp bedding. Performance horses who need rest and recovery will benefit from the natural softness of Aubiose hemp bedding.

And Warm

Maintaining ideal temperatures in stables and stalls can be a challenge in the best of circumstances. Hemp bedding is an excellent insulator, helping keep horses warm during bitter winter weather. It is also a naturally thermoregulating material due to its insulative and absorbent qualities, helping wick away excess sweat from horses in warm weather.

Can I Afford Hemp Bedding?

When used properly, Aubiose is actually a very economical bedding because you use so much less of it.
In the long run you will probably end up spending less, especially when you factor everything in!
This Usage Guide is written for horse owners to guide you how to get the most out of this bedding.


In most cases it should not cost you more than $200/horse/month to use hemp bedding.
With proper practice and ordering in bulk, you should be able to get your cost below $100/horse/month.
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Hear Advice from Other Aubiose Users

“Aubiose is pretty economical. The biggest expense is stall set-up, but after that, stalls need on average about a half bag of bedding per week. Despite the up front cost, it doesn’t really cost more than shavings over a year, and it works much, much better. It also sifts so much more easily that you’ll save money because you’ll have so much less waste of good bedding.

I have found there are a few tricks to getting the most out of the bedding and making it the best thing you’ve ever used:

–Don’t take urine out daily. The bedding soaks up the urine best if you allow it to create a urine pack. You’ll also remove less bedding overall if you remove the urine less frequently because hemp initially becomes more absorbent when it gets wet, so less bedding does more work. We remove urine only once a week, and some horses could go longer. And it really doesn’t smell. When I tell people I take urine out once a week, they can’t believe it.

–Don’t strip your stalls. The bedding gets more absorbent as it gets trompled on, and it packs better, creating a more dense urine pack that’s less likely to get dragged around and mixed in the dry bedding. Plus, the expense of re-bedding a stripped stall will make it prohibitive. If a horse really destroys a stall, I just keep taking wet bedding out over the course of several weeks until I have enough left for just the urine pack, and then I add new bags on top of that.

–Bed stalls deep enough that that horses’ feet don’t get down to the urine. I’ve found that horses who trash their stalls need more bedding, or need it piled more deeply over their urine spot. It saves money in the long run to add more bedding if a horse is digging into his urine pack.

–Invest in a stall sifter. The sifter made it feasible for me to bed my stalls 6-8 inches deep. The time saved in cleaning and the additional bedding saved will pay for your sifter in a short time. I have six stalls, and I cut my stall cleaning time in half with at least 3 times as much bedding and paid for the sifter in 3 or 4 months. Imagine if you have 30 horses what that would do.

I recently had to clean shavings after not having done so for many years, and it brought home to me just how superior Aubiose hemp is to shavings, sawdust, or any other wood bedding product. I think you’ll feel the same if you give it a shot and follow the guidelines for getting the most out of the bedding. I’m also pretty sure if you give it a shot, you’ll be wishing you’d found it sooner.”

-Sue Krenselewski, 5 year Aubiose USA client

Sue talks Hemp Horse Bedding

Aubiose Horse Hemp Bedding is Endorsed by Catherine Tyree

After watching one of her top performance horses, Bokai, struggle with respiratory issues, international showjumper Catherine Tyree wanted to do anything possible to help him live a better life. After some research, she found that using a high quality bedding was one of the best ways to create a healthier environment and prevent further issues for Bokai. That is when she found Aubiose. With the difference it has made for the 16-year-old KWPN gelding, Aubiose has become a staple product in her barn. She is now joining forces with Aubiose and Chanvra Materials to spread the word about this incredible product.

Her list of impressive accomplishments include second place in the 2016 HITS Saugerties $1 Million Grand Prix, third place in the 2019 $130,000 Longines FEI World Cup President’s Cup Grand Prix at the Washington International Horse Show, as well as FEI wins at the Winter Equestrian Festival, the Palm Beach Masters, the Devon Horse Show, the American Gold Cup, Jumping de Dinard, and the Royal Winter Fair. She has represented Team USA on five occasions, including at Hickstead and Falsterbo.

In August of 2023, Catherine Tyree and American Natural Materials announced their partnership.

Hear Catherine’s Full Story Here!

International Equestrian Catherine Tyree
Catherine Tyree with Horse

Today Aubiose is imported from France, where they grow the best hemp in the world, and have the largest supply. Our hemp is the product of a farmer owned cooperative who have been processing hemp for 50 years. They are the world experts and our goal is to recreate their success in America! Our hemp bedding initiative creates demand for high quality hemp bedding, which can eventually be grown in America by American farmers. We are creating these partnerships now. If done properly, farming hemp can help rejuvenate and regenerate America’s farmlands, ecology, and economy; but it’s up to us!Want to grow hemp? Or be involved in the hemp industry in America?

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