Chanvra Carpet: Hemp Nonwoven Mat Roll – Free Shipping


The Chanvra Carpet is nonwoven matting made from 100% hemp fiber. This high performance material can be used in a diverse range of applications, from a simple wheatgrass grow mat to sophisticated automotive parts. Consisting of no chemicals whatsoever and only 100% hemp fibres- bonded by mechanical action only- this material can be used to make biocomposites. We are able to produce a diverse range of nonwoven materials- with various densities and dimensions- to meet your needs, and maintain the most readily available supply of hemp nonwovens in North America.

This material can be blended with polypropylene fibers to produce automotive grade composites. If you are an industrial supply company, please contact us here.



Nonwovens consist of webs or mats of fibres arranged randomly and bonded by mechanical action. They can be used for thermo-compression processing or thermoset converting processes such as SMC, RTM, infusion, pultrusion or hand lay-up. The random fibre arrangement gives isotropic mechanical properties to the final material (e.g. composite). Hemp biocomposites are at the cutting edge of sustainable technology.