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Aubiose Hemp Animal Bedding

Aubiose is the most absorbent animal bedding money can buy, and the lowest dust shavings material on the market! Some users have noticed that switching to Aubiose is the only way to completely eliminate the smell of ammonia in their barns, this is due to the powerful absorbency of the product. Cultivated by expert farmers who have been growing hemp for more than 50 years! We are the official USA distributor for this product.

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Benefits of Aubiose

  • KNOWING YOUR BEDDING IS THE CLEANEST, HIGHEST QUALITY YOU CAN BUY: Our hemp is expertly grown in France with sustainable, pesticide-free agriculture methods. Hemp has always been grown in France and the producers of Aubiose have been processing hemp for more than 50 years! This is why their product quality is unbelievably good. Now they are working on producing the same products and same guaranteed quality on American soil.
  • BREATHING BETTER: Aubiose has surprisingly low dust levels that are almost unbelievable for a shavings material. Shavings are usually quite dusty and acidic but our hemp has been shown to have much lower dust levels than pine, aspen, and even other hemp.
  • MAKING LIFE EASIER AND HEALTHIER FOR YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS: Say goodbye to breathing nauseating fumes when caring for your animals. No, this is not the price you have to pay to own animals! The absorption powers of hemp are astounding, and our hemp is specifically processed to maximize absorbency. What this does is manage moisture in a way where it cannot become a problem for you and your animals. Unmanaged moisture is what can cause that terrible smell in barns, coops, and pet cages. Aubiose is the natural solution!
  • SAVING MONEY WHILE STILL INDULGING IN THE BEST: Our 44 lb jumbo bag is the biggest option on the market. Just 1 or 2 bags should last close to a year in an average-sized coop. We recommend the deep litter method, which allows for less frequent thorough coop cleanouts
  • SUPPORTING THE RIGHT CAUSE: Many of our customers are motivated by sustainability, however, hemp has even more to offer, and can even improve American life on strictly economic grounds and also the general well-being of the people. Hemp is a win for both the economy and the environment. Ever since we began importing and selling this product in 2017, we knew it coud be a game changer for America. That’s why we are diligently working to transition our production to US grown. By working with us, you are voting for your dollar for this initiative!
Hemp Horse Bedding: The Original Brand

Since 1985, Aubiose has been revolutionizing the horse care industry and providing many horse owners with savings in time, labour, and money. This hemp horse bedding works by soaking up liquids in a small area, at the base of the bed. This effectively controls ammonia odors and reduces the chance of wet bedding being mixed in with the dry. The top layer of the bed remains warm, soft, and dry for your horse.

There is no better solution for allergies and respiratory sensitivities!

The Gold Standard of Hemp Horse Bedding

The Highest Quality Hemp Bedding On The Market, Guaranteed!

Produced by a generational lineage of expert hemp farmers, no other product can compare to the gold standard of Aubiose. Naturally extremely absorbent and rigorously dedusted, Aubiose is virtually dust free and unparalleled in Quality.

An unrivaled performance in your stalls. Aubiose (left) vs leading competitor.

Economical When Managed ProperlyRequires 7-10 Times Less Bedding than PineLearn The Aubiose Deep Litter Method For The Most Cost Effective PerformanceView our Usage Guide HereLow Maintenance & Composts Readily for Easy Disposal!This high performance bedding system can be maintained with minimal maintenance. After the initial setup, you only need to add a small amount of bedding every week.Switching to Aubiose dramatically cuts down the cost of manure removal. 100% naturally cultivated hemp, Aubiose is a fully biodegradable and chemical free material, which composts readily without the need for added composting agents. The relatively small amount of Aubiose muck- compared to the waste produced from pine- can be spread into your garden or back into the pasture.