Jumbo 20kg AubiChick Hemp Bedding for Chickens (44lb), French Grade Ultra Soft Hemp Shavings for Poultry & Hairless Pets – Shipping Included


  • KNOWING YOUR BEDDING IS THE CLEANEST, HIGHEST QUALITY YOU CAN BUY: Our hemp is expertly grown in France with sustainable, pesticide-free agriculture methods. Hemp has always been grown in France and the producers of AubiChick have been processing hemp for more than 50 years! This is why their product quality is unbelievably good. It is grown & processed to exacting standards based on a long experience. Now they are working on producing the same products and same guaranteed quality on American soil. Though AubiChick is lower in dust than most shavings materials, including most other hemp, the hemp bedding brand that we recommend for our most dust sensitive customers is the Aubiose brand instead of AubiChick (also works great for chickens).
  • MAKING LIFE EASIER AND HEALTHIER FOR YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS: AubiChick has unprecedented ability to absorb mositure, even higher than our famous Aubiose brand, which is renowned for it. Say goodbye to breathing nauseating fumes when caring for your animals. No, this is not the price you have to pay to own animals! The absorption powers of hemp are astounding, and our AubiChick is specifically processed to maximize absorbency. What this does is manage moisture in a way where it cannot become a problem for you and your animals. Unmanaged moisture is what can cause that terrible smell in barns, coops, and pet cages. AubiChick is the natural solution!
  • SAVING MONEY WHILE STILL INDULGING IN THE BEST: Our 44 lb jumbo bag is the biggest option on the market. Just 1 or 2 bags should last close to a year in an average-sized coop. We recommend the deep litter method, which allows for less frequent thorough coop cleanouts
  • MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR CHICKENS & BIRDS! Also works greats for hairless pets. The extra soft and fine consistency of AubiChick was made specifically for the feet of your birds. This is a much nicer, softer surface for them than any other bedding, even moreso than our famous Aubiose brand. The extra soft consistency is also perfect for sensitive pets like hairless rats or guinea pigs.
  • SUPPORTING THE RIGHT CAUSE: Many of our customers are motivated by sustainability, however, hemp has even more to offer, and can even improve American life on strictly economic grounds and also the general well-being of the people. Hemp is a win for both the economy and the environment. Ever since we began importing and selling this product in 2017, we knew it coud be a game changer for America. That’s why we are diligently working to transition our production to US grown. By working with us, you are voting for your dollar for this initiative!
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Try The Gold Standard of Bedding Products – manufactured from premium-quality hemp grown without any chemicals, Aubiose hemp beddings are the gold standard for bedding products, be it for horses, poultry or small pets. AubiChick is different than Aubiose because the hemp pieces are smaller, which is designed to help keep your chicken coop clean, healthy, and dry. Your chickens will love AubiChick: its softness makes it perfect for sensitive chicken feet, and also allows them to sleep comfortably through the night. The 44lb presentation is ideal, as it can last for up to a year depending on the size of the chicken pen and the frequency of cleaning. We recommend the deep litter method, which consists in turning over the soiled bedding and adding a new layer on top; if done right, your chickens will be happier than ever! Aubiose products are known to set the gold standard, since our hemp is grown with a strict no chemical regiment and is cut and processed to exacting standards.

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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 13 cm

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