Jumbo 20kg Aubiose Hemp Bedding (44lb) – French Grade Hemp Shavings for Horses, Chickens, & Pets – Shipping Included


  • KNOWING YOUR BEDDING IS THE CLEANEST, HIGHEST QUALITY YOU CAN BUY: Our hemp is expertly grown in France with sustainable, pesticide-free agriculture methods. Hemp has always been grown in France and the producers of Aubiose have been processing hemp for more than 50 years! This is why their product quality is unbelievably good. It is grown & processed to exacting standards based on a long experience. Now they are working on producing the same products and same guaranteed quality on American soil.
  • BREATHING BETTER: Aubiose has surprisingly low dust levels that are almost unbelievable for a shavings material. Shavings are usually quite dusty and acidic but our hemp has been shown to have much lower dust levels than pine, aspen, and even other hemp.
  • MAKING LIFE EASIER AND HEALTHIER FOR YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS: Say goodbye to breathing nauseating fumes when caring for your animals. No, this is not the price you have to pay to own animals! The absorption powers of hemp are astounding, and our hemp is specifically processed to maximize absorbency. What this does is manage moisture in a way where it cannot become a problem for you and your animals. Unmanaged moisture is what can cause that terrible smell in barns, coops, and pet cages. Aubiose is the natural solution!
  • SAVING MONEY WHILE STILL INDULGING IN THE BEST: Our 44 lb jumbo bag is the biggest option on the market. Just 1 or 2 bags should last close to a year in an average-sized coop. We recommend the deep litter method, which allows for less frequent thorough coop cleanouts
  • SUPPORTING THE RIGHT CAUSE: Many of our customers are motivated by sustainability, however, hemp has even more to offer, and can even improve American life on strictly economic grounds and also the general well-being of the people. Hemp is a win for both the economy and the environment. Ever since we began importing and selling this product in 2017, we knew it coud be a game changer for America. That’s why we are diligently working to transition our production to US grown. By working with us, you are voting for your dollar for this initiative!
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Aubiose is the gold standard shavings material and the original hemp bedding. Though first gaining recognition by veterinarians for horses with respiratory issues, Aubiose is now popular for almost any kind of animal. It will work fantastically in your chicken coop or for small pet cages. We have two hemp bedding brands: Aubiose and AubiChick. They both work great for chickens. However, if you are particularly dust sensitive, you should go with Aubiose, which is our lowest dust product. The AubiChick brand is a finer particle size, which is super comfortable for your chickens, but since it is a finer size, it inevitably has a bit more dust. Our Aubiose brand is the lowest dust option, and is the lowest dust bedding material on the market. Deep littering this bedding leads to a very economical and quality performance. In most cases, you should only need 1-2 bales per year for an average size coop. The deep litter method is the ultimate setup for coops. A deep litter system is a low maintenance method where you essentially “compost in place”, and only clean out your coop once a year. Rather than a thorough clean-out, you simply add small amounts of hemp bedding as you go, and let the microbial life do the work of decomposition. This allows beneficial microbes to form and keeps your coop surprisingly nice and clean smelling! It is actually cleaner even though it is less work

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Horse Owners: Learn how an Aubiose Horse Bedding system can be managed for as little as $75/month per stall when following our management guidelines.

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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 13 cm

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