AubiChick Jumbo 44lb Hemp Bedding for Chickens & Hairless Pets | Ultra Soft, Gold Standard French Quality | Free Shipping!


  • Unparalleled Quality: Our bedding is made with premium quality hemp, grown with regenerative agriculture methods and no chemicals; The unparalleled absorbing capacity of hemp make it a top choice for animal care; Our unique hemp bedding is made specifically for chickens and poultry
  • 1 Year Supply: Our 44lb bale presentation should last close to a year in an average-sized coop; We recommend the deep litter method, which allows for less frequent thorough coop cleanouts
  • Control Fowl Smells: AubiChick is not only a fast absorbing bedding, but it also helps keep your coop extra dry, A nice-smelling coop makes birds healthier, happier, and more comfortable; Not recommended for use with baby chicks
  • Ultimate Comfort: Unparalleled extra-soft consistency and low dust concentration make AubiChick incredibly appealing and comfortable for sensitive chicken feet; A dry coop also helps provide optimal conditions to encourage naturally restful sleep and relaxation for your feathery friends
  • FOR HAIRLESS & SENSITIVE PETS: This is the safest choice for sensitive skin animals such as hairless rats. Turtles and tortoises may be able to use this bedding safely. Observe carefully and discontinue use at the slightest sign of adverse reaction.
  • FOR DUST SENSITIVITIES | AubiChick is low in dust, but if you are particularly sensitive to dust, we recommend our AUBIOSE brand, which is the lowest dust shavings material in the world, and also works great for chickens!
  • Coverage: One bale covers 9.5 cubic feet.
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Try The Gold Standard of Bedding Products – manufactured from premium-quality hemp grown without any chemicals, Aubiose hemp beddings are the golden standard for bedding products, be it for horses, poultry or small pets. AubiChick is a low dust alternative Aubiose which helps keep your chicken coop clean, healthy, and dry. Your chickens will love AubiChick: its high-absorbency makes it perfect for sensitive chicken feet, and also allows them to sleep comfortably through the night. The 44lb presentation is ideal for the long-term chicken farmer, as it can last for up to a year depending on the size of the chicken pen and the frequency of cleaning. We recommend the deep litter method, which consists in turning over the soiled bedding and adding a new layer on top; if done right, your chickens will be happier than ever! Aubiose products are known to set the gold standard, since our hemp is grown with a strict no chemical regiment and is cut and processed to exacting standards.

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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 13 cm

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