AubiChick Hemp Bedding for Chickens & Hairless Pets | Bulk Pallet (22 x 44 lb bags) | Free Shipping East of the Mississippi


Stock up on hemp bedding for your homestead! A pallet is enough to last 3-4 years for 3-4 large chicken coops. Only have one coop? Get together with your friends to stock up and save!

This listing includes 22 bags of high quality hemp bedding for chickens (44 lb bags) and we have free shipping for all orders east of the Mississippi, with lift gate service Included!

AubiChick is the market leader for hemp bedding for chickens. More about AubiChick:

  • THE GOLD STANDARD OF CHICKEN AND BIRD BEDDING | AubiChick is the only hemp bedding designed specifically for chickens and poultry, with an extra soft consistency designed for the feet of birds.
  • A HEALTHIER CAGE & COOP ENVIRONMENT: AubiChick is noted for it’s extremely absorbent properties, which reduces odors and makes your coop care easier and more fulfilling! Though it is lower dust than regular shavings and other hemp brands, if you are particularly dust sensitive, we recommend the Aubiose brand, which also works great for chickens!
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT FOR YOUR BIRDS | This extra soft hemp bedding is comfortable on their feet, and will stay nice and dry while keeping them warm!
  • SAVE ON TIME, LABOR, & MONEY | You should only need 1-2 bales per year with an average size coop! We highly recommend the deep litter method where you only do a thorough coop cleanout once a year (or less!)
  • While first developed for poultry coops, AubiChick has also proven to work excellently for any pet or animal that requires a softer bedding, particularly tortoises & hairless guinea pigs. Poultry as well as cats, mice, reptiles, and even larger animals will appreciate the softness of AubiChick Hemp Bedding.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We are sure that our hemp bedding brands are the very BEST in the world. We are SURE you’ll love this product, but every animal is different, and if for some reason, the product is not working well for you, let us know! We want to make it right in a way that is convenient for you, and we’re always happy to help : )

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Have you heard about the benefits of hemp bedding, but unsure which brand will be the best choice for your chickens? We understand that you want the best for your birds, and that the choices can be overwhelming. So we want to make it simple for you! Introducing the AubiChick brand, which is the only hemp bedding made specifically for chickens. Derived from the renowned Aubiose brand, the texture of AubiChick is a perfect match for chicken and poultry feet. It is extra soft and comfortable, and just the right size for them! Manure removal is easy with AubiChick and it makes perfect compost! AubiChick is the most highly absorbent hemp bedding on the market (even more than the renowned Aubiose!) and will absorb moisture faster than any other bedding, period. The dust levels are lower than pine and other hemp brands, but if you are particularly dust sensitive, you should go with the Aubiose brand, which is the lowest dust hemp on the market and also works great for chickens (even though it has a horse on it)! All brands produced by the Aubiose cooperative are the undisputed leaders in quality. Our hemp is grown and processed by a generational lineage of farmers who have been perfecting their art since time immemorial. Sold by Chanvra Materials in the USA, the Aubiose and AubiChick brands are more than just a product, but a mission! Our vision is to regenerate the American agricultural landscape, with industrial hemp as a centerpiece. The proven methods and techniques of the Aubiose cooperative are the catalyst that will ignite industrial hemp production in America. Vote with your dollar and support regenerative agriculture!

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