The AubiZoo Chanvra Pet System | Hemp Bedding & Nesting Kit


  • NESTING & BEDDING KIT | 100% NATURAL HEMP: A natural solution for both nesting and litter. The ChanvraPet hemp mat is a fully safe & natural nesting material for pets (safe if swallowed). It can be covered with the AubiZoo hemp pet bedding, or used separately to create a sleeping space. The two materials work excellently together!. Fully free from chemicals, waxes, additives, or anything toxic, and fully biodegradable and compostable.
  • BREATHE WELL AND ENJOY YOUR PET: Our Aubiose / AubiZoo hemp is rated as the highest absorbency bedding, perfect for keeping rat, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig cages and reptile terrariums smelling fresh and clean. Plus, it is rigorously dedusted, and has minimal dust levels compared to aspen and other hemp.
  • SAFE, HEALTHY NESTS & COMFORT: Our fully natural hemp mat stimulates natural rodent instincts to bite fibers and build a cozy corner nest. The mat is biodegradable and safe if eaten by small animals. It is a perfect sleeping pad for litter trained animals.
  • MAXIMIZE THEIR COMFORT: Hemp mats and hemp litter- and their complimentary hydro properties – combine to make the perfect habitat for your pet. Stays nice and dry on the surface, which helps it from sticking to their legs and keeps them nice and comfortable.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY – With an absorbtion rate of 3.7 times its own weight in liquid, our hemp can last 3 times longer than other bedding (or more). This means less time cleaning out cages, and more time enjoying life with your pet!
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ChanvraPet’s Hemp Mats are for nesting and sleeping, and the AubiZoo is used for their litter.

The complimentary hydro properties of the hemp mat and the AubiZoo litter make a supremely comfortable environment for your pet. This hemp system maintains an ideal temperature and stays dry on the top surface. This helps prevent the bedding from sticking to your animal’s feet.

To use, you simply place the mat on a clean cage floor, and then cover with the litter.

Nesting animals like rats will be able to bite the fibers and use them to make their own cozy nests. Since the hemp is fully natural, it is safe for them if swallowed.

The mat can also be used separately as a super comfortable sleeping / nesting pad for litter trained animals (not recommended for litter independently of the Aubiose).

Choose from our various sizes of hemp litter and hemp mats to make a combo pack that is right for you.

More About Aubiose Hemp Bedding

Aubiose (also packaged as AubiZoo) is the original hemp shive bedding and the worldwide leader in quality and naturalness. Since 1985, the Aubiose bedding brand has been the most absorbent pet litter and animal bedding material on the market. It first became popular with veterinarians for high performance horses. And though Olympic athletes continue to endorse Aubiose to this day, it is also very well suited for small pets, chickens, and almost any kind of animal.

Aubiose has a long history of perfection and performance and we can make a better, more healthy product than any other supplier on the market. Those who choose Aubiose are the ones who want the absolute best for themselves and their animals, and know that the hemp is grown to the highest standard of regenerative agriculture with no chemicals.

Additional information

Hemp Litter Size

Small (3.3 lb / 1.5 kg), Medium (6.5 lb / 3 kg), Large (15.4 lb / 7kg), XL Aubiose (44 lb), XL AubiChick (44lb)

Hemp Mat Size

Large (15.5" x 37"), Small (9.5" x 19.15")

Number of Hemp Mats

1, 2, 10