AubiZoo Hemp Bedding for Pets


  • Top-Quality: Our hemp bedding is naturally grown with regenerative agriculture methods; No chemicals; Ultra soft litter with minimal dust levels compared to pine and aspen shavings; Keep your pets comfortable and clean. 
  • Extremely Effective & Absorbent: This maximizes dryness and controls odors. AubiZoo & Aubiose can last 3 times longer than other beddings or more; Maximizes coop or cage comfort. Hemp shavings are a top animal care option.
  • Long Lasting, Versatile & Practical: Your investment will pay itself back quickly; you will only need to buy a bag or two every year. Works great as a chicken, horse, rat, bird, guinea pig, hamster, or bunny bedding (not recommended for use with baby chicks!).
  • For Sensitive Pets: AubiChick is our softest hemp; hairless rats and guinea pigs benefit from it. Some folks use it for any pet. It is great for chickens & poultry.
  • Made by the Masters: AubiZoo is made by Aubiose, the oldest hemp farmers in the world! You can also buy our XL Aubiose and AubiChick for pets or chickens. Many sizes to meet your needs. Request a Wholesale Quote Here
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More About Aubiose Hemp Bedding & AubiZoo

Aubiose (also packaged as AubiZoo) is the original hemp shive bedding and the worldwide leader in quality and naturalness. Since 1985, the Aubiose bedding brand has been the most absorbent pet litter and animal bedding material on the market. It first became popular with veterinarians for high performance horses. And though Olympic athletes continue to endorse Aubiose to this day, it is also very well suited for small pets, chickens, and almost any kind of animal.

Aubiose has a long history of perfection and performance and we can make a better, more healthy product than any other supplier on the market. Those who choose Aubiose are the ones who want the absolute best for themselves and their animals, and know that the hemp is grown to the highest standard of regenerative agriculture with no chemicals.

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Small 3.3 lb, Medium 6.5 lb, Large 15.4 lb

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