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Made from the world’s finest supply of hemp fibers

  • A loose, thick, and firm 1000 GSM mat
  • Perfect fit for a standard 10 x 20 tray. (mat dimensions are 9.84″x19.7″)
  • An ideal rooting environment for your plants.
  • Loved for microgreens, wheatgrass, herbs, and so much more
  • The ideal soil-less growing medium for hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.
  • Evenly spreads and slowly releases water for your plants (see below)
  • 100% Biodegradable & Chemical Free (see below)

ChanvraGrow is made for the full range of growers; from commercial greenhouses to home gardeners seeking a reliable source of nutrient dense, living foods.

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Watering Made Easy

Hemp’s natural relationship with water, and corresponding properties, comes from its growing characteristics in the field. Hemp developed intelligent ways to interact with water, which is one of its main reasons for its strength. After the harvest, these water properties become useful to us, if we understand them. When nonwoven hemp – made from the bast section of the plant – is used as a growing medium, it will slow and spread water, allowing plants to root comfortably into the medium and find the water they need. Grow trays managed intelligently, with this principle in mind, can save time and labor; and increase the efficiency of your operation!

100% Biodegradable & Chemical Free
Adds a healthy source of carbon to your compost pile.
The Electrical Conductivity level of hemp fibers is naturally suited for horticulture, and requires no curing or waxing. Many competing natural fibers need to be heavily waxed and treated before plants can grow in them. They look and feel “plasticy”.
ChanvraGrow Hemp Mat Ingredients: 100% high quality hemp fibers. No yucky chemicals, no waxes, no nothing. You’ll feel the difference, and your plants will too ; )

No fertilizers needed

You can grow great microgreens with just our hemp mat +  water.

This being said, we recommend exploring Natural Farming inputs you can make from indigenous microbes in your area. Here are some resources about how to make IMO solutions (indigenous microorganism) and much more:

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