Kanabat: Building Grade Hemp Hurd, Pallet (22 x 44 lb bales) Shipping Included


Get Building with Hemp!

Our Kanabat brand is a special hemp shive specifically formulated for making hempcrete. When you use Kanabat you will have a guaranteed performance in the finished wall. Can be used with most lime binders; make sure to follow the instructions of your binder provider and you will have a guaranteed performance in your wall.

It’s okay to use hemp that you chop up yourself in a wood chipper, too. But it is a lot of work, and it will be hard for you to get most of the dust out, which can crack the walls eventually. There are some domestic sources of hemp that you might be able to find. Kanabat has been popular while we redesign the american hemp supply line.

The advantage of using Kanabat is its guarantee of performance, which is backed with a certification by a European organization called Construire en Chanvre, who have done more to advance the cause of building with hemp than anyone.

This certification is particularly useful for projects that will be permitted by a building department. And more and more hempcrete projects are being approved and built in North America. Since 2019, Kanabat has been the most popular choice for these projects, featured mostly by the building company Americhanvre.

The Kanabat line is is designed to guarantee its user a consistent, optimally performing material with:

  • Controlled granulometry (Average Particle Size: 1/4″-1/2″)
  • Minimal dust level (Rigorously Mechanically Dedusted)
  • Optimal moisture content, Constant Bulk Density.

Pallets hold 968 lbs of hemp hurd (22 x 44 lb bales) 

We estimate that you can build 6 cubic feet of hempcrete per bale, depending on the binder you use and your method of applying the hempcrete.

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More About Hempcrete

Hempcrete is not really a concrete at all, but moreso a wall system, which is highly insulating, but not load bearing. The main benefit of building with hempcrete is that it breathes, and therefore creates a very healthy indoor atmosphere. It replaces traditional drywall, insulation, and siding in one clean installation.

Hempcrete is made by combining some form of natural binder- usually lime based- with a hemp hurd aggregate. This mixture is then usually sprayed or packed over a stick frame.

Hemp hurd can be hard to find, but we have an almost unlimited supply of this material. We can ship to your job site anywhere in North America.

How to Build with Hempcrete

Building with hemprete is really quite simple. It integrates with conventional construction; the hempcrete is usually packed or sprayed over a regular stick frame.

To make the hempcrete, some kind of natural binder- usually lime- is mixed with hemp hurds which serve as a natural vegetal aggregate.

This mix is then cast over the frame, using either shuttering forms or a sprayer. We discuss our favorite styles of mixing and applying hempcrete here.