Hemp Bedding is Changing Everything

Hemp bedding is revolutionizing the way animals are cared for. Mucking out dusty, smelly bedding used to be the most dreaded (and unhealthy) part of raising animals. With good hemp bedding, this problems disappears! The Aubiose hemp brand is the best quality and most readily available option, made by the oldest hemp bedding cooperative in the world.

Aubiose is grown to the highest standards of regenerative agriculture in the world and is completely free from chemicals.

This product has an unprecendented ability to absorb moisture and odors in horse stalls, chicken coops, and pet cages.

Many veterinarians recognize the benefit of using Aubiose Hemp Bedding for sensitive animals, but any can benefit!

 Aubiose users are some of the happiest folk, and once you try it, you’ll know why!

~Extremely Effective Moisture and Odor Absorption

~The Lowest Dust Shavings Material on the Market

~ Long Lasting and Economical (7-10 X longer!)

Ultimate Comfort, Helps Animals Rest & Stay Warm

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Using Hemp Bedding for Horses


Hemp bedding first became popular for high performance horses, but any horse owner will benefit from using it! Many horse owners save money when using hemp properly. Refer to the Aubiose usage guide for best performance. Good hemp will often completely eliminate the smell of ammonia in horse stalls. Since Aubiose is a low dust choice, it is perfect for horses with allergies and respiratory sensitivities. Aubiose is endorsed by top equestrian athletes worldwide including international showjumper Catherine Tyree.

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Using Hemp Bedding for Chickens: AubiChick and Aubiose

Happy indeed are those who use hemp bedding for their chickens! With just one or two bags of hemp every year, you can have a very enjoyable experience caring for your chickens. It will keep the coop fresh, absorbing moisture and odors, and the dust levels are very low. We advocate the deep-litter method for the best results, which we discuss further here.

We offer two versions of hemp bedding for chickens, and both of our offerings are extremely popular. AubiChick is a finer & softer version product made by Aubiose. The benefit of AubiChick is that it is extra comfortable for their feet. But the original Aubiose brand is also often used for chickens. We discuss the pros and cons of each brand here.

Using Hemp Bedding for Small Animals

Aubiose Hemp Pet Bedding

Hemp Bedding is the perfect litter for your pets. It works particularly well for pet rats, reptiles, rabbits, & guinea pigs, but really almost any small pet can use it. Only turtles or tortoises should potentially avoid hemp bedding. We discuss this more on our small pet page here.  Most pets benefit from the comfortable environment created by hemp since it maintains an ideal temperature and stays dry on the top surface.

Our AubiZoo and Aubiose brands work for most pets. The AubiZoo brand is simply smaller packages of the same Aubiose hempshives known, loved, and trusted by the world. Hairless pets, turtles, and tortoises should use our AubiChick. More About This Here.

Aubizoo-hemp Bedding Bags

Nesting Material and Hemp Fiber

Most nesting materials on the market are toxic and unsafe for your pets if swallowed, but the Chanvra Carpet is a fully safe alternative. This hemp mat is a nonwoven material made from the bast fibers- or outer layer- of the hemp stem. Pet rats and rodents can bite it and use it to make nests. For reptiles, you can line their terrarium with it.

Our favorite for small pets is to place a hemp mat over a clean cage floor, and then cover the hemp mat with Aubiose (or AubiZoo) hemp bedding for litter. Change out the litter as needed and pull out the pieces of hemp mat that become soiled. For litter trained animals, you can create a separate, comfortable sleeping area with the hemp mat.

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