Aubiose Jumbo 44lb Hemp Bedding for Animals: Chickens, Horses, & Pets | Gold Standard French Quality | Free Shipping!


  • The Gold Standard Bedding Product: Aubiose is the most absorbent animal bedding money can buy. It is revolutionizing animal care and solving problems for owners.
  • Coverage: One jumbo bale is 44 lbs and covers 9.5 cubic feet.
  • Good For the Lungs: Aubiose is the lowest dust shavings material you can buy and is a great material for sensitive lungs.
  • Comfortable and Healthy for Animals: Aubiose absorbs moisture and keeps the surface dry and comfortable for them to lay down and relax.
  • Fully Natural and Safe: Grown without chemicals using the highest standards of regenerative agriculture. This historical product is masterfully cultivated by expert farmers who have been growing hemp for more than 50 years!
  • 1 Year Supply for Chickens: Aubiose is a long lasting, economical bedding. This Jumbo-sized 44 lb bale should last close to a year for an average sized coop or pet cage! We highly recommend the deep litter method for coops, where you only do a thorough coop cleanout once a year (or less!)
  • Economical Horse Bedding System : Aubiose can cost as little as $75/month per horse when following our usage guidelines.
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Aubiose is the gold standard shavings material and the original hemp bedding. Though first gaining recognition by veterinarians for horses with respiratory issues, Aubiose is now popular for almost any kind of animal. It will work fantastically in your chicken coop or for small pet cages. We have two hemp bedding brands: Aubiose and AubiChick. They both work great for chickens. However, if you are particularly dust sensitive, you should go with Aubiose, which is our lowest dust product. The AubiChick brand is a finer particle size, which is super comfortable for your chickens, but since it is a finer size, it inevitably has a bit more dust. Our Aubiose brand is the lowest dust option, and is the lowest dust bedding material on the market. Deep littering this bedding leads to a very economical and quality performance. In most cases, you should only need 1-2 bales per year for an average size coop. The deep litter method is the ultimate setup for coops. A deep litter system is a low maintenance method where you essentially “compost in place”, and only clean out your coop once a year. Rather than a thorough clean-out, you simply add small amounts of hemp bedding as you go, and let the microbial life do the work of decomposition. This allows beneficial microbes to form and keeps your coop surprisingly nice and clean smelling! It is actually cleaner even though it is less work

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Horse Owners: Learn how an Aubiose Horse Bedding system can be managed for as little as $75/month per stall when following our management guidelines.

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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 13 cm

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